Dave Canterbury

Dave Canterbury is the co-owner Self Reliance Outfitters and supervising instructor at The Pathfinder School, which was named by USA Today as one of the top twelve survival schools in the
United States.
In addition to his work at the Pathfinder School, Dave is the New York Times bestselling author of Bushcraft 101, Advanced Bushcraft, and The Bushcraft Guide to Trapping, Gathering, and Cooking in the Wild, and Bushcraft First Aid. He has been published in Backwoodsman, Self Reliance Illustrated, New Pioneer, American Frontiersman, Trapper’s World, Bushcraft Journal, Sportsman's News, and Bushcraft and Survival Skills Magazine, He has also been featured on the cover of Backwoodsman Magazine in the US and Bushcraft and Survival Skills
Magazine in the UK.
Dave holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Wilderness Ministry from Frontier
Christian University as well as his certification in Wilderness First Aid/CPR and Advanced Search and Rescue. He is certified as an Expert Trapper by the Fur Takers of America and holds basic and intermediate certificates from the International School of Herbal Arts and Sciences. Dave is the
Global Ambassador for Morakniv and he lives in southeastern Ohio USA

Donny Dust

That’s right, ladies and gents...Donny Dust is back! Everyone’s favorite professional caveman has been quite busy the last year, with a new book Scavenger: A Primal Approach to Lifestyle Change
coming out in November, and providing his expertise to the cast and crew of the Archaic Period based movie Knapper! Donny will be at the Boondoggle again this April, and he’s sure to bring tons of primitive goodies and an apparently endless supply of knowledge.

Phillip Liebel:

Phillip draws much of his inspiration and love of the wilderness from his Cherokee heritage. It all began with making primitive bows and arrows but once Phillip started down the rabbit hole of primitive skills, there was no stopping. Phillip now runs a small survival school in North Texas teaching everything from 72 hour emergency survival to 5 day intensive primitive classes.

Matt Tate

Matt Tate is Co-Owner of American Survival Co. & Integrated Survival Systems. He is a former Army Combat Engineer, NRA-Certified Pistol Instructor, NRA Range Safety Officer, NRA Firearms Instructor You’ve seen Matt compete on Discovery Channel’s Bushcraft Build-off, but his love of survival started as young kid growing up in a Cherokee community where the old ways of hunting, fishing and bushcraft of the Native American culture are still cherished. Matt pursues his
passion of teaching others life-saving survival techniques. Matt continues to raise the bar, training in wilderness skills both domestically and internationally. He holds a patent for a mission
adaptable holster currently used by Tier One operators and has designed multiple knives with Dozier knives specific to survival training. His survival experience is matched by his tactical experience; serving as an Army Engineer in Fallujah, Matt encountered heavy combat. He then
went on to serve with the Oklahoma Military Dept, Employment Security Commission and the Executive Branch of the US Govt. Today, Matt uses his wilderness and tactical experience to provide to civilian, military, and organizational training domestically and internationally.

Correy Hawk

Correy grew up in a small village in Southeast Nebraska, raised to hunt, fish, forage for wild foods, and navigate the wilderness. He eventually joined the United States Marine Corps, and served two
combat tours in Afghanistan before returning home to Nebraska and becoming almost immediately infatuated with archery. Correy built bows obsessively as a hobby for 6 years before making Organic Archery his full-time endeavor in 2018. His mission is to open a door for people who wish to go afield with a simple, elegant, and effective longbow that uncovers a broader, deeper connection to our ancient history as hunter-gatherers.